Epic History: World War One - 1918

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This is the story of 1918, the last year of World War One, when Germany launched a final do-or-die offensive, as American troops began to arrive in Europe in force. Aviation artwork thanks to Russell Smith Studios russellsmithart.com 1918 is the year that Woodrow Wilson unveils his 'Fourteen Points' as the basis for future world peace. Meanwhile Bolshevik Russia quits the war by signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, freeing up half a million German troops for General Ludendorff's last ditch attempt to win all-out victory on the Western Front. His Spring Offensive, also known as the Kaiserschlacht, or 'Kaiser's Battle', comes tantalising close to success, but is finally halted by British and Australian troops at Amiens in April. In the skies over the Western Front, the air war intensifies, but the Allies are now dominant. On 21st April Germany's most famous ace, Manfred von Richthofen, the 'Red Baron', is shot down and killed. That spring US troops arrive in Europe in force. The US 1st Infantry Division goes into action at Cantigny, while US Marines and the US 2nd Infantry Division win a victory at Belleau Wood. US troops help to turn the tide as the Allies launch their Hundred Days Offensive, surging past the Hindenburg Line, and pursuing a defeated German army. In the Balkans, Allied victory at Dobro Pole leads to the collapse of the Bulgarian army and an armistice. British-led forces win victory in the Middle East at Megiddo, and go on to occupy Damascus and Aleppo. With the writing on the wall, the Ottoman Empire signs an armistice with the Allies at Mudros. Austria-Hungary soon follows suit, after defeat by Italy at the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Shortages, military defeat and discontent lead to revolution in Germany. Sailors at the naval base at Kiel mutiny. The Kaiser is forced to abdicate, a republic is proclaimed, and an armistice signed with the Allies at Compiègne on 11th November 1918. In 1919 delegates meet at Versailles, outside Paris, to conclude a peace treaty. The Treaty of Versailles imposes a 'war guilt clause' on Germany, huge war reparations, and limits the size of its armed forces. It gives territory to its neighbours, and creates lasting resentment within Germany, later exploited by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party to foster a new German nationalism. #EpicHistoryTV #WorldWarOne #WW1 Help me make more history videos by pledging $1 per video: https://www.patreon.com/EpicHistoryTV?ty=h Music listing: 0.00 - 1.05 Dramatic Movie Opening, Audio Blocks 1.05 - 3.14 Five Armies, Incompetech.com 3.14 - 6.07 Epic Apocalypse Music Theme, Audio Blocks 6.07 - 10.26 Dramatic Action Score, Audio Blocks 10.26 - 13.43 The Descent, Incompetech.com Recommended books on WW1 (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases): Hew Strachan, The First World War: A New History http://geni.us/ioYIFO Gary Sheffield, A Short History of the First World War http://geni.us/bSrkHi Lyn MacDonald, To the Last Man: Spring 1918 http://geni.us/F0rl Peter Hart, The Great War: 1914-1918 http://geni.us/diz8nhI A J P Taylor, The First World War: An Illustrated History http://geni.us/el71iC

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