Postd for Video Creators

Don't settle for a fraction of ad revenue. Don't let advertisers or ad platforms set the value of your work.

You can set the price, and get 86% of the revenue.

Postd has developed a new way for video artists and creators to monetize their work, generating greater income than ad-based platforms like YouTube and Facebook. While many sites let people rent full length movies, renting shorter, lower priced videos has not been feasible as credit card fees end up consuming most of the revenue from the purchases. Since Postd allows rentals for as little as one cent, short form videos can be marketed directly to viewers. Unlike YouTube, creators do not need a minimum number of viewers or followers to get a share of the revenue.
Oh, and your share of the revenue is 86%.

To give you an idea of how much better Postd can be for you than sharecropping on ad platforms, we've provided some calculators. Insert your current advertising revenue share and see how Postd can help you.

While there are no ads on Postd, you can embed an advertisement in your video, but you must disclose the ad and the length of it in the description of your video, so viewers know what they are getting before they pay for it. Advertisements must, of course, also meet Postd community guidelines. If you are able to get a sponsor for your videos, it can allow you to reduce the price so you get more viewers, but that's up to you to manage.