About Us

Postd provides a marketplace for all forms of digital media, without relying on advertising revenue. By using the Transact micropayment system, contributors can earn income from their creations while their audience enjoys greatly improved viewing, listening, and reading experiences.

Anyone (we call them contributors) can post videos, music (or podcasts or any audio file you think people would pay to hear), or written stories, articles, or other types of literature. Contributors set the price, which can be changed at any time. We take a small percentage of the revenue (the schedule is here), keep track of your sales, and pay you when your balance rises above a minimum level. Eventually, we may sell content for people to download and own, but for now, the price is what you pay per play.

Postd is operated as a utility

While contributors set the price you pay for their content, our cost to them is dependent on the cost of computing and internet resources. In addition to costing less than bank fees for credit and debit cards, the Transact system allows for payments as small as one cent, making low cost media feasible.

Postd is operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of xsact, inc.

Our customers must have an account with transact.io, which is used to forward payments to our contributors. Once logged into your Transact account, watching, listening, or reading content on postd is just one click away. You can get more information on how Transact works at transact.io.

Postd's commission schedule

We take 14% of the price of watching the video. We have a minimum cost as the biggest expense is the bandwidth consumed in transmitting the file from our server (actually, Amazon's) to your device.

Audio and text
We take 14% of the price of listening to the song or podcast or reading an article or other text item. There is no minimum price, as these files are do not consume much bandwidth, and there is no price reduction over one dollar, as few items will cost that much (many songs will cost one cent per play).