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World Dream Day 2023

Not to sleep, but perchance to dream... colorfully!

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Content creator,promoter and entertainer Pls follow me up

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Feliz Cumpleaños Cancion Happy Birthday Song In Spanish Latin Jazz Instrumental

Feliz Cumpleaños Cancion ?? Happy Birthday Song In Spanish ?? Latin Jazz Instrumental Feliz Cumpleaños! Enjoy an hour of a Latin jazz instrumental of the happy birthday song. Download the Birthday App to connect with friends and family and send gifts to them on their birthdays directly with the app. Available for free: iOS: GOOGLE PLAY: WEBSITE:

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No mercy

Its about two man fight against each other. They are both expert to use knife but always the winer is one and loser is one too. Nicky with white shirt got stabbed by tyshaq with red shirt.

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Hidden truths of our existence

Eye opener for those who are confused about the reality we live in goal to make more people aware of who we are and where we come from

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Stars Shine Bright

New Song By ThreeDmajor. Please feel the vibe and pay for the download if you really like it.

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Edmonton building art

Great art work in and around Edmonton. Some very talented artists. Put alot of time and effort into these huge masterpieces.

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It's Been in Plain Sight in Everything We Watch..

Mentioned in movies, on clocks, license plates, addresses, everything. Either hidden or obvious. The numbers 9,2,3. Well, this video is the closest to an answer I can find...and in a few days I guess I'll know for sure.

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Car crash compilation

This video is related about car crash where car get crashed in the road please watch it share it and subscribe to my channel thank you #crash #car #compilation

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Miley living her best life

Just a doodle puppy having fun and enjoying her life

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Hi there. Newbie here. I'm creating my own channel and want to become a vloger or other media. It have been my Dreams sens forever. exept I have never Think Deeper in my mind in realy age. Now. I'm ready. And for first time. However. I'm not ready to show my face yet. I need time and I hope I can do it some day. I don't know then. I do reaction on meny things. Among them is toxic masculinity and sexism. And make my own opinion and talk agains these type of what so ever. However. I'm not ready to show my face yet. I Will do it then I feel for it. Anyway welcome to my CHANNEL. and Hope to ser you here again sometimes.

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The GrimReaper Markus ❄️

🤘🏽The Following Announcement Has Been Paid For By The New World Order 🤘🏽

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Forex Trading Tips And Secrets

This is the right tools,tips, secrets and everything which will bring a breakthrough in your forex trading journey.

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Local Drinking Competition 🍾🍾

Two Nigerians on a local drinking competition involving a takeaway prize 🏆

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New York

Being the normal crazy people they are lol Attending events can be outrageous too....

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A Serious Sam: Underground 2012 unofficial game Anthem (2016).

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Chronicles(West Coast)

A short journey of the evolution of West Coast rap

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Trashy Politicians

US Representative of Colorado Lauren Boebert was caught doing immoral acts in a theater recently with a man she was dating.

The 1%

Sad,Heartbroken and Poor. Perfect place for you where you can learn how to grow in this self obsessed materialistic world and make your dreams come true.

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stanisslav petrov was in charge of a,soviet Nuclear early warning Center when there was a, Report of five american Nuclear Missiles heading Towards The soviet union Rather Than Retaliate STanisslav followed his gut feeling and went against protocol convincing The armed forces That it was a, false alarm His decision Saved the world from potential devastating Nuclear Holocaust

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Just short video of pictures put together with a memorable song in the background to keep for a lifetime

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Adoration Official Lyric Video by Raelynn Parkin

Adoration is the heartfelt prayer of a worshiper that longs for greater intimacy with the Lord. Raelynn honors each person of the Trinity with worship and adoration.

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World Most Dangerous Mountain Walker

World Most Dangerous Mountain Walker Creator Nasi

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The best 14 year old gaming setup

Well the reason for this post was to show different styles of gaming setup and shows how different people play some people use phone iPad and I wanted to show them

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