Embedding Postd content on other sites

Postd allows other sites to embed low cost pay-per-view videos on their site, via the oEmbed standard.

Ways to embed a postd content:
  • 1.0 Direct oEmbed
  • 2.0 Transact WordPress plugin
  • 3.0 Embed.ly

1.0 Direct oEmbed

The Postd oEmbed API endpoint is:
1.1 Query Parameters
  • url (required) The URL of a post to retrieve embedding information for.
  • maxwidth (optional) The maximum width of the embedded resource.
  • maxheight (optional) The maximum height of the embedded resource.
1.3 JSON API response
  "version": "1.0",
  "provider_name": "postd",
  "width": 481,
  "height": 360,
  "provider_url": "https://postd.io/",
  "type": "link",
  "title": "Music in Valparaiso, Chile",
  "thumbnail_url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/postd-media/5692726759653376_1_1582860507847/thumbnail/image/1500/thumbnail.jpg?u=1677107934097",
  "thumbnail_width": 1500,
  "html": "<iframe class=\"postd_embed-container\" src=\"https://postd.io/embed?post_id=5692726759653376_1_1582860507847\" width=\"481\" height=\"360\" allowfullscreen=\"true\" allowpaymentrequest=\"true\" allow=\"fullscreen; payment\"></iframe>"
2.0 Transact Wordpress plugin

If your using WordPress the transact plugin will automatically detect postd links to create and embed.

3.0 Embed.ly

Since Postd is supported by embed.ly, any of their customers sites may use Postd.

Examples of sites that use embed.ly: