The Biggest Secret Kept from the Masses, Limiting Our True Power

33 views ยท August 28, 2023
Knowledge is Power Mindset Knowledge is Power Mindset
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A few posses and have kept this knowledge from the masses. Over the years this knowledge has been revealed and shared. Knowledge our ancient ancestors knew and is why they lived so long. Knowledge about a fluid that comes from the cerebrum which then falls down to the bottom part of the spinal cord called "Claustrum" which was masked within a story about a fake fat jolly guy named Santa Claus. This fluid which goes down the spine (down the chimney) to the solar plexus (solar being the sun or "Christ the Son") where this oil is then called "Christos" in Greek, or "Christ" as we know, which then has to rise back up or ascend (The Christ Risen), but only if certain conditions are met to keep from losing this power. Hence, you don't ascend spiritually and remain on the lower planes of vibration (the experience of hell). It's all explained. This kept secret will blow your mind. You'll understand how so many of our beliefs are actually higher knowledge masked in fairy tales. This hidden knowledge kept from society has limited our true essence and power. The Kingdom is within, Heaven is a state of mind. The Bible is all true, it's a book explaining the power of the mind and how to think and elevate our vibration. Seek Truth, Speak Truth, Live in will set you free.
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