We have been traveling for many years sleeping in… our car! We love this camping, casual atmosphere. Our trips are weekend trips, but there are also those lasting 2-3 weeks. We try to visit as many places as possible where nature plays the main role. On our channels you will find many little-known places we visit - gems :) We love mountains, forests, lakes - in such circumstances, we most often spend our free time (we recommend our Instagram channel, where we report our trips on an ongoing basis). The fire and the sight of the Milky Way mesmerize us, and the morning coffee brewed on a tourist stove, drunk with a view of the snow-capped peaks tastes best. Evening wine sipped in a hammock is also no worse!

El Torcal de Antequera -National Park in Andalucia, Spain

El Torcal is one of those must-see places in Andalusia. A fascinating geological effect, amazing views along the way, and an opportunity for a nice trekking on site. El Torcal is one of the must-sees when you are traveling around Andalusia. Incredible views, geological formations and views.

1:51 | June 12, 2022

Weekend in Athens, the historical capital of Europe I Greece

Athen is well known from Acropolis. But we decided to explore something more.

7:36 | June 2, 2022

Phu Quoc, Vietnam - An Island of Contrasts

Phu Quoc is an island that many of you enjoy when planning a trip to Vietnam. Does this surprise anyone? We spent almost a week there, but even that seems to be insufficient, because it is a place that has a lot to offer.

3:11 | May 31, 2022

Berca mud volcanoes Romania

The Berca Mud Volcanoes is a geological and botanical reservation located in Scorțoasa commune close to Berca in Buzău County in Romania. Muddy volcanoes are a spectacular phenomenon created by gases from depths greater than 3,000 meters, which push water from the groundwater and pass together through clay soil, thus reaching the surface.

3:43 | May 27, 2022

Our Top 9 places in Barcelona that you can visit in one day on foot 🇪🇸

Barcelona is a city for which one day is not enough. But what if you only have that much? Here is our list of places worth visiting and seeing while walking through the capital of Catalonia :)

7:51 | February 22, 2023

The most beautiful lake in the Alps

A perfectly turquoise lake, surrounded by mountains and beautiful greenery, all within a 2.5-hour walk with beautiful views along the way. I don't think you need to convince anyone :) Have you been there? Lago di Sorapis - the most beautiful lake in the Alps: ➡️ https://www.neverendingtravel.pl/2020... Check out our blog🗺 💁🏻💁🏻‍♂️Welcome! Aga & Jarek ⤵️ ___________________________ https://www.neverendingtravel.pl ___________________________ You will find our travel memories there 🏔☁️☀️ ___________________________ FB: https: //www.facebook.com/neverendingtravel Instagram: https: //www.instagram.com/neverendingtravel_pl/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/neverendingtrvl/ TikTok: https: //www.tiktok.com/@neverendingtravel ...https://www.tiktok.com/@neverendingtravel

4:07 | May 25, 2022