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An Historic Delivery to the Moon’s South Pole on This Week

An historic delivery to the Moon’s South Pole, a record-breaking scientific balloon flight, and an asteroid mission’s close pass of the Sun … a few of the stories to tell you about

2:27 | June 2, 2024

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds New Clues to Mars’ Watery Past

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover has discovered lots of evidence of ancient lakes on the Red Planet – and this recent panorama shows intriguing new clues.

3:10 | February 11, 2023

International SWOT Mission Launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base

NASA SWOT mission launch. The Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission is a satellite altimeter jointly developed and operated by NASA and CNES, the French space agency, in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency and UK Space Agency.

1:28 | December 22, 2022

Orion sees earth

On the fifth day of the 25.5-day Artemis I mission, a camera mounted on the tip of one of Orion’s solar array wings captured this footage of the spacecraft and Earth as it continued to increase its distance from our home planet.

3:39 | December 8, 2022

Nasa explores the moon and beyond

NASA Artemis video.

1:24 | February 3, 2023

Mars Helicopter

Did you know that NASA’s aeronautical innovators had a hand in the creation of the first flying vehicle on Mars?

3:20 | May 28, 2021

US spacewalk 89 overview

7:45 | October 8, 2023