🔥🔥October presentation and demo. Birthday bash special🔥🔥

1 views · October 16, 2022
🔥RaCocos Spa and Botanica LLC🔥 🔥RaCocos Spa and Botanica LLC🔥
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Please excuse me and if you can please don't judge me by my demeanor it was really late. And I decided to take a break from preparing my home and shop for the portal and my bday . Also I wasn't feeling to well as I was bloated as hell. 🙄 However I try to be a women of my word, and bring you guys a nice video and a peek of what I do day to day in my Botanica. Yes I work from home. I started my spiritual business from ground zero simply giving good advice helping people on their paths while being a nail tech. And I never looked back.. So with that being said..we're gonna keep going. And blessing people with messages from the divine source creator or a word of hope for all those that seek it.

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