Watch Out For Porch Pirates

Porch pirates, which is a term used to describe people who steal delivered packages off of other people's porches, are going to be just as busy this holiday season as they have been before.

December 2, 2023

Trump Continues to Gain Black Support

Donald Trump is continuing to get more support from a few members of the Black community, due to them feeling betrayed by Joe Biden.

November 28, 2023

"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Occurs on October 14

What is known as an annular solar eclipse will occur on Saturday, October 14 beginning at 8:00am Pacific time.

October 13, 2023

War Breaks Out Between Israel and Palestine

War broke out between the nations of Israel and Palestine over the weekend of October 7, 2023, causing much death and destruction.

October 10, 2023

Once Again, Over A Billion Dollars is Up For Grabs

The Powerball jackpot has reached $1.4 billion, and by the time the next drawing rolls around, it will most likely be even closer to $2 billion...again.

October 6, 2023

Trashy Politicians

US Representative of Colorado Lauren Boebert was caught doing immoral acts in a theater recently with a man she was dating.

September 20, 2023

Coach Deion Sanders Is Unstoppable

Coach Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, is one of the best coaches in college football, and because of his success, many "haters" are bothered by his blatant confidence.

September 15, 2023

Black American Female Athletes Are Coming Back Stronger Than Ever

Whether it's track-and- field, gymnastics, swimming or tennis, Black American women have been dominating their sports in the latest world competitions.

September 9, 2023

Allegations of Former President Barack Obama Having a Gay Affair

A man named Larry Sinclair claims to have had an affair with former US president Barack Obama back in the late 1990s.

1:17 | September 6, 2023

Mitch McConnell Has Another Freeze Up Moment- WIDE AWAKE NEWS MEDIA

Report and commentary on the latest strange episode Senate Republican Majority Leader had while answering questions from the press.

1:51 | August 31, 2023

Historical Warning

Ancestral poem relating to the current political decision to erase the real history of a particular ethnic group from the books.

1:18 | August 28, 2023

Have a Nice Time in Hell, Carolyn Bryant Donham

The white woman who caused the brutal murder of Emmitt Till in Mississippi when he was only 14 years old has died

August 26, 2023

Hip Hop Turns 50 in 2023

Rap music and Hip Hop culture started back in 1973, and since then, it has expanded to, and become popular in, almost all parts of the world.

June 21, 2023

The Real Meaning of "Woke"

Woke is a word that has taken on a new meaning due to what those with extreme right-wing political beliefs think. But they are incorrect about its original meaning.

June 19, 2023

Both U.S. Major Political Parties Are Struggling

None of the presidential candidates in the Republican or Democrat party seem to have much to offer American citizens.

June 18, 2023

Juneteenth Celebrations

The Juneteenth holiday is coming up , and many are getting ready to celebrate the day in areas all over the U.S.

June 16, 2023

Alien in the Backyard

A family in Las Vegas, Nevada reported seeing a spaceship crash in their backyard, and seeing a tall alien hiding back there afterwards.

June 14, 2023

Facebook Class Action Lawsuit

Since Facebook failed to keep its users information protected, a class action lawsuit is being filled against the company.

June 8, 2023

Dr. Cornel West Decides to Run for President in 2024

Harvard educated scholar, political activist and philosopher Dr. Cornel West will be running for president of the US in 2024.

June 7, 2023

The Little Mermaid Rocked the Memorial Day Weekend Box Office

The new live-action version of The Little Mermaid just became the fifth largest money earning movie of its kind over the Memorial Day weekend.

May 31, 2023

Trump Faces More Legal Trouble in Georgia

Current news about the lawsuits former president Donald Trump faces in the upcoming months.

May 1, 2023